Study Abroad Programs for Adventure Travelers:
We have noticed that our students are oriented more and more towards sports, activities and adventure. All IPSA Consortium schools offer different activities and excursions. In addition, many schools also offer special language immersion courses in combination with sport courses and adventure activities. These activities are a perfect way to practise your new foreign language skills and also give you an opportunity to discover your host country, to learn more about its culture and to meet people.

Special Language Plus Sports and Activities Programs:

Cooking and Wine Tasting.
Italian Language, Bread and Wine Program in Lucca, Italy
Spanish and Cooking in Salamanca, Spain
Spanish and Wine Testing in Salamanca, Spain
English and Wine Testing in Auckland, New Zealand
Dance lessons.
Spanish plus Dance in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish Plus Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Spanish Plus Tango in Montevideo, Uruguay
English Plus Diving in Byron Bay, Australia
English Plus PADI Scuba Diving License in Burleigh Heads, Australia
English Plus Diving in Sydney, Australia
English Plus Diving in Auckland, New Zealand
Italian Plus Diving in Orbetello, Italy
Spanish and Diving in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish Plus Scuba Diving in Tenerife, Spain
Spanish Plus Scuba Diving in Playa del Carmen, Mexico
Spanish Plus Scuba Diving in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Spanish Plus Diving in Montevideo, Uruguay
Spanish Plus Golf in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish Plus Golf in Montevideo, Uruguay
English Plus Golf in Auckland, New Zealand
Horseback Riding.
Spanish plus Horseback Riding in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish Plus Horseback Riding in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica:
Spanish Plus Kiteboarding in Manta, Ecuador
English and Sailing in Auckland, New Zealand
Spanish and Sailing in La Herradura, Spain
Italian and Sailing in Orbetello, Italy
Skiing and Snowboarding.
German Plus Austrian ski/snowboard instructors' exams in Tyrol, Austria
English Plus Skiing and Snowboarding in Canmore, Canada
English Plus Skiing in Auckland, New Zealand
English Plus Skiing and Snowboarding in Queenstown, New Zealand
English Plus Surfing in Byron Bay, Australia
English Plus Surfing in Sydney, Australia
English Plus Surfing or Bodyboarding in Burleigh Heads, Australia
Italian and Surfing in Orbetello, Italy
Spanish Plus Surfing in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Spanish Plus Surfing in Manta, Ecuador
Spanish plus Tennis in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish Plus Tennis in Montevideo, Uruguay
Spanish and Windsurfing in La Herradura, Spain
Spanish and Windsurfing in Montevideo, Uruguay
Language Plus Multiple Activities.
English Plus Activities in Byron Bay, Australia: sea-kayaking with dolphins, surfing, bush walking, mountain biking, yoga, golf, make / learn didjeridoo, visits to studios of local artists / musicians, river canoeing, bingo, art classes, dolphin + whale watching, massage course, horse riding, jewelry classes, trapeze lessons, etc.
Seasonal Activity Programs in Canmore, Canada
Language Plus Study Tours.
English and Reef Safari Program in Cairns, Australia: A part-time English course with a 5-day PADI Open Water course and sightseeing excursions to popular reef, rainforest and outback destinations.
English and Tropical Safari Program in Cairns, Australia: A course offering 15 hours of classroom instruction plus sightseeing activities.
English and California Experience Program in San Francisco, USA: This 2-week course combines a program of General English classes in the morning (20 lessons per week) with organised activities and excursions around San Francisco in the afternoon.
Spanish Plus Adventure Tours in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica: Travel into the inland mountains to experience Costa Rica's most popular adventure sport - the canopy zipline. Sail high above the rainforest between 19 platforms and discover the old forests in the most exciting way.
Travel & Learn Italian in Tuscany, Italy: This course combines both travelling and frequenting language courses in 3 different Tuscan towns - Florence, Lucca and Rio Marina (Elba). This combination offers you the possibility to get to know the charming landscape of Tuscany, interesting towns and the Tuscan culture, as well as learning Italian in a communicative way.

Who Can Participate:
Seniors & Retirees
Interested Adults
Adventure Travelers
College Students
Teen Students & Kids
Executives and Professionals (Business, Medicine, Law ...)
Why Go Abroad With IPSA?
Learn German and Enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding in Tyrol, Austria!
Learn German in Tyrol, Austria!
Kitzbuhel is a small, ancient town in the Austrian province of Tyrol, the mountainous part of Austria. We accept students from the age of 16. Students accompanied by parents or guardians can be younger. Please contact us for more info.

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Study Abroad Language Immersion

English Language Abroad in the United States
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English Camp for Children in San Francisco
Spanish Courses for Kids and Teens in Spain
Spanish Language Abroad in Mexico
Spanish Language Abroad in Ecuador
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Study Abroad & Activity Programs

Study Abroad Italy: Italian + Cooking and Wine Tasting in Lucca & Florence
Study Abroad Spain: Spanish + Dance in La Herradura
Study Abroad New Zealand: English + Scuba Diving in Auckland
Study Abroad Uruguay: Spanish + Golf in Montevideo
Study Abroad Costa Rica: Spanish + Surfing in Manuel Antonio