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A non-refundable application fee of US$100 and a Tuition Deposit of US$200 are required with your application. The above fees and the deposit are part of the cost of your program and are deducted from the total of the program fees after conversion them in Australian dollars according to the current exchange rate for buyers communicated by IPSA on the invoice date. Please note that your application will be considered only when your payment of the application fee and the tuition deposit has been received.

Upon receiving your application and your payment of the required fee(s) and the tuition deposit, we will send you a registration confirmation and invoice for the balance due. The balance should be paid in Euros or in U.S. Dollars. The payment of the balance of fees is due upon receipt of invoice. Your place will be confirmed only when the full payment has been received.

Please note that you may apply online only if you pay the application fee and deposit by credit card.

If you are going to pay the application fee by a certified check, money order or by wire transfer, please click here to access a Monospaced Printable Application Form, print it out from your browser, complete the form and send your application by fax or mail.

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Even if you select a "full payment" option, we will charge only the application fee and the deposit at the time of accepting your application and will process the payment of the balance to your credit card after registering you for the course. Please also note that if you would prefer to pay the balance by credit card, a 4.5% convenience payment processing service fee will be included in the invoice. There are no any additional charges on your payment of the application fee and the tuition deposit by credit card.

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By submitting this Application, I certify the above information is complete and correct. I understand that my misrepresentation may result in my expulsion from the program. I acknowledge that the terms and conditions appearing on the Study Abroad International web site constitute part of my agreement with IPSA and study abroad program host (university, college, language school, or other institution and/or organization), including sections concerning responsibility, health, refunds, changes in dates, accommodations, courses and billing of the selected options; I assume all risks and responsibilities and discharge IPSA and the study abroad program host and all their officers, agents and employees from and against any and all claims of damage to personal property or personal injury which may result from my enrollment and participation in the study abroad program host courses, excursions, and/or on and off-campus activities. I have read all terms and conditiones and rules and agree to follow all IPSA and study abroad host procedures and regulations. This Agreement will be effective when my application is accepted by IPSA and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Arizona, USA.

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