Study Abroad Programs for the Whole Family.

Moms and Dads! Why not make next summer a family holiday traveling abroad with your children and learning foreign languages and culture!

All our schools offering programs for Children and Teens also offer language courses for adult learners. We will be happy to see all of you at our schools and will make accommodation arrangements for your family or just for you (if your child will be attending a residential summer language camp in Ireland, Canada, England, Spain or the United States).

If you are interested in adult language courses and also want to take your children with you, but the school you are interested in does not offer special language programs for children and teens, we can arrange private one-to-one classes for your child.

Join our Special Summer Family Courses!
Who Can Participate:
Seniors & Retirees
Interested Adults
Adventure Travelers
College and Graduate Students
Teen Students & Kids
Executives and Professionals (Business, Medicine, Law ...)
Why Go Abroad With IPSA?
English Parent and Child Combo
in Ottawa, Canada:
We offer a Day Language Camp Program for your children, residence accommodations in a two-bedroom suite and optional English Program for Parent(s). Click here to learn more.