English, German and Spanish Teacher Development Courses Abroad.
Our most experienced English, German and Spanish Language Schools offer a unique opportunity to non-native teachers of English, German and Spanish to develop their language and teaching skills abroad - in the country where the language is spoken. The main objective of these courses is to offer teachers of English, German and Spanish professional support, giving and exchanging information on the development and new uses of English, German and Spanish and touching on the most controversial formal aspects of English, German and Spanish grammar. The current cultural, political, social and economic situations in Austria, England, Spain, Mexico, the United States and Venezuela are key elements of these programs.

Locations of English, German and Spanish Teachers Refresher Courses:

Our German Language Schools in Viennna, Austria offers an intensive German course for non-native German teachers. This course will help you improve your German language skills. You become acquainted with the latest teaching methods and German materials and have a chance to exchange your experiences with our German teaching staff.


The main purpose of the "Curso de Repaso" for teachers of Spanish at the Spanish Language School in Guanajuato, Mexico is to support teachers of Spanish by bringing their theoretical knowledge and their teaching methods up to date.


Individual and group Spanish for Teachers of Spanish courses are offered at the IPSA Spanish Language Schools in Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca.


IPSA Consortium English Language Schools in the United Kingdom offer teacher development courses for practising teachers of English from all over the world, who would like to improve their English for professional and personal reasons. Participants will develop and explore aspects of teaching methodology and teaching techniques and learn to assess and make us of a variety of teaching aids and resources. This is also a key opportunity to share and discuss experiences of teaching with other teachers from all over the world. These courses are offered at our English language schools in Brighton, Eastbourne, London Central and London Highgate.


Teachers of English Course (TEC) is also offered at the English Language School in San Francisco, California, USA. TEC is a teacher development course for teachers of English from all over the world.


Two times a year, summer and winter, the Spanish Language School on Margarita Island, Venezuela offers special actualization courses for foreign Spanish teachers.

Teachers of English Course
in San Francisco, USA:
Teachers of English Courses (TEC) are intensive 2 and 4-week full-time courses of 26 lessons per week. This is a refresher course for Teachers of English, including a review of current English language teaching practice and methodology, and language development at advanced level. Click here to check the dates and prices.
Spanish for Teachers of Spanish in Madrid, Spain:
Madrid is a right place for Teachers of Spanish to refresh their language and teaching skills. Spain's capital city is an open, cosmopolitan and bustling city. You will find here impressive monuments, first class museums and elegant squares. This is a city that combines tradition and modernity, art and business, an enterprising economy and a lively nightlife. Click here to learn more about the school.
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